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Virtual Tour (VR 360)

VR, virtual reality, is a technology that has been mentioned several times in recent years. Companies have started to introduce VR glasses one after another. VR is the imitation of your real life environments through computers. In virtual reality, the main purpose is when you wear the virtual reality helmet, it adapts to the environment in the helmet, making you forget the actual environment. VR environments are generally created with a helmet or glasses you wear on your head. In some cases, virtual reality glasses can be used with supporting accessories. VrBox is virtual reality glasses that provide 3D application experience through your mobile phones. It is ensured that you enjoy an excellent experience with 3D movies, pictures and games. It is possible to play 3D games by watching 3D videos from your phone in 3D virtual reality. By placing your smartphone on the product, you can watch videos just like watching TV. You can also do factors such as game play. By placing the VrBox on the phone, you can enjoy the 3D world. It provides comfortable use with its comfortable, elastic headband, super sponge face protector and design. They also have air outlets that can distribute the heat emitted by the phones in the most ideal way. You can watch all 3D movies and videos that you have recorded on your own phone with cinema like in the cinema. Virtual Reality in Life Your virtual reality will be one of the indispensable points in our lives in the future. Even now, virtual reality helmets are used in more than one simulation environment. Health It has not been experienced yet, but it is thought that the doctor will operate the virtual patient in the virtual reality environment. Travel If you are planning for summer vacation, you can visit every part of the hotel before you go. Industry You are not a pilot, but you may think you are flying virtually in the cockpit. Education Imagine giving a presentation in a large community. You can virtually create this environment, gain experience and further reduce your stress. Everyone wants to benefit from this wide market. Companies work with very serious products. Let's take a look at which alternatives you can choose to experience the standard user VR experience. Since people have a lot of influence on VR, they have also encouraged many brands to invest in this market. With VR, virtual reality, which will be indispensable in our future lives, revolutions continue to occur in more than one field such as travel, health, education. Much more serious products will be launched. We will share the most popular models for virtual and movies below. Oculus Rift

We can say that Oculus is one of the most important actors in popularizing the virtual reality world. It has attracted all the attention with the company, which was recently purchased by Facebook with a figure of 2 billion dollars. It showed how much it values ​​the future of this sector. The glasses, which offer the 3D sound experience with the integrated headset system, also offer a resolution of 1080-1200 per eye. To use the Oculus Rift, you need to have a very powerful screen and a computer with a minimum of 8 GB of memory. In Turkey, you have to sacrifice a figure like 4000 - 5000. Samsung Gear Vr Samguns, which takes Oculus technology in the form of software and technology, offers an environment with your smartphone. The glasses, which come with a more affordable solution than the Oculus Rift, can be used with devices such as Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Galaxy note 5. If you have these devices, you can catch the possibility of having these glasses for 200 - 300 TL.

Sony PlayStation VR The first brand that comes to mind when it comes to games, Playstation has virtual reality glasses that give a 3D sound experience just like the Oculus Rift. These glasses, which also have a 5.7 Oled screen, also take their hardware power from the PlayStation 4. It has 120 frames per second and extremely low latency with glasses with a viewing angle of up to 360 degrees. You have the possibility to communicate with your friends who are online with the built-in microphone on it. The sale price of Sony PlayStation VR, which is more affordable than the Oculus Rift, is 1899 - 2100 in our country. Microsoft HoloLens Microsoft HoloLens is slightly different from the glasses previously mentioned. With these glasses, it is possible to interact with the virtual world and our real world with hologram technology. We can say that the things you can do with the glasses, which do not need a different hardware source to use, are limitless. With HoloLens, which also has motion detection technology, it is possible to control virtual objects on the real world with our fingers.

Google VR Cardboard

If you say I cannot pay that much money for virtual reality glasses, I do not have much budget, but you want to use it, google comes into play here. With Google VR Cardboard, the best virtual reality glasses can give you this experience from the edge to the edge for up to 20 - 30 TL. You can also browse the virtual reality world with the Google VR Cardboard, which is compatible with almost all Android operating systems and smartphones. With the widespread use of virtual games and 360-degree videos, VR Cardboard has turned into a good marketing tool for brands, and it is an innovative solution that Google has brought to our lives in a more affordable way. In this case, you can easily find the opportunity to watch any VR application or video from any iOS or Android based smartphones with 5.2 screens. In the first attempts, you may feel dizzy when you look to your right, left or up and back by wearing the glasses. Motion Sickness, in Turkish, this is motion sickness. It resolves after 5 minutes. Still, you should not let go of your caution. It is known that 360 degree videos on Youtube channels can only support Android-based phones. However, we should mention that you will be able to watch videos comfortably on iPhone phones with the 360 ​​degree youtube application in iOs. One of the things you need to do is to filter 360 videos by entering the search word in YouTube on Android phones at any time, and then click on the VR cardboard Logo that appears at the bottom right of your phone screen when the video you can select is opened.

In the in360tube application on IOS, you have to specify the search you want in a long way. As an example, you need to enter Discovery 360. Unfortunately, the in360Tube application runs slower. In addition, by searching the word VR such as App Store and Google Play, you can download thousands of free virtual reality applications, games and roller coaster with VR Cardboard. In another way, you can escape from zombies. Still, people with different VR app suggestions share in the comments and enlighten others as well. 360 VR The first idea that is basic in VR or 350 degree VR video shooting is to imitate or model the visuals in the real world or environment with VR virtual glasses or computers. After the VR 360 degree virtual reality video shoot, it is possible to transfer the promotion, advertisement, information, video, message and all kinds of content with CardBoard Virtual glasses that you can prepare with QR Code. Apart from these, 360 Virtual Reality videos prepared for you or for you can also be made in presentations such as fairs and special promotions.

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